Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Weekly Update 10/16/2013

M.I.N.T (Mecha, Infantry, and Tactics):

So the name of this weeks work if written in programming terms must surely be Environment++

We spent a ton of time upgrading M.I.N.T's tile sets and environment. Check out the evolution below, though make sure to click on the scaled down map images to see them in their true form.

(Initial building foundation tiles, and oh look more buildings!)

(Start of dirt and grass texturing, lovely trees.)

 (Dirt and grass enhancements, road tile tweaks.)

On the technical side of development, Lua was integrated into the engine and is now being used to define various unit data. I expect Lua's usage to grow as the game continues to evolve, and a majority of game aspects are defined by data vs in code.

I also re-vamped the movement and pathfinding grid overlay display.

This next week of development will likely continue building on the tile sets, as well as see a return to tool development on the technical side.

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