Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Weekly Update 10/09/2013


Some of you may have noticed a reduction in art being shown, and theres a number of reasons for this. One reason in particular though was my beloved partner and our awesome as always artist, had skipped town and caught a ride to a galaxy far far away..

Anyways the good news is things are back in order, and like the spice that must flow, art shall once again flow as well.

M.I.N.T (Mecha, Infantry, and Tactics):

A ton of development work has been happening on M.I.N.T this last week, including art, animation, and even tool development. However, I think the video below says things pretty elegantly. (Best if watched in fullscreen of course)

Kawe was able to complete walking animations for the mech as can be seen, but also a ton of configuration layers allowing for mech customization, such as the one below.

I was likewise able to code up basic animation support into the client to finally allow for these walking animations. Most of the rest of my time has been spent working on the data formats and infrastructure for weapon and equipment creation. This actually became such a huge task, I ended up creating a new tool. 

M.E.A.D (M.I.N.T Equipment & Arms Designer) is an all purpose weapon, fire arc, and equipment creation tool. Which may also end up shipping with the game possibly, for those modders out their wondering. 

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