Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Weekly Update 10/02/2013

New hardware/software has had most of the problems worked out on my end.
Here you can see the new Haswell quad core i7 box, next to an ancient 2006 iMac :)

Kawe has also received his new hardware, which can also actually run newer Photoshops, so maybe well be seeing less crashes and lost work in the art department as well :)

M.I.N.T (Mecha, Infantry, and Tactics):
Work continues on the data format battle. At this point one of the big questions is how to represent equipment in general. Can it all be defined as data, or does every item need to be coded basically?

This has led to creating some ubber lists of equipment and weapon ideas, which Kawe and I are going over and trying to break down into actual values and properties to see if we really can make everything via data definitions. Which would also open up modding more for players.

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