Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Weekly Update 03/13/2013

Gravitum progressed quite a ways this week. Kawe started working on redoing the intro to the game, as well as wrapping up an outro for it, and a large milestone was reached as well. Completion of the single player level. This mega long map clocks in at 1525 tiles long, or in pixel terms 48,800 pixels long. Try doing that and not using tiles.

Also as is proper form, the end of the game is quite demanding. Not that the level is trying to tell you anything though.. :)

Next up is developing one or two more challenge maps, which are really built around not difficulty of completion, but difficulty of completing in the best time possible.

This is because challenge maps are really all about speed running. Upon completing a challenge map you get the option to share your speed run, and others can then view your speedrun, as well as take on the role of the warden and attempt to catch you. Catching a speedrunner is likewise sharable :)

Once the challenge maps have been chiseled out of my subconscious and into their digital form, we will begin some private play testing.

After that Gravitum should be wrapped up quite quickly.

Until next week.

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