Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Weekly Update

So slow progress this week in general. Both Kawe and myself have been quite busy with some contract work that keeps the doors open and the lights on, but we will hopefully get a bit more done in this next week.

M.I.N.T (Mecha, Infantry, and Tactics):
Your favorite tactical wargame with giant mechs and nazi zombies, progressed a small bit this week.

We have a 3D like unit selector implemented with proper layering. This would normally be animated, and likely much taller, or have its height dynamically generated depending on what is moused over.

We also started to mockup some approaches to visibility when behind a building or other object that obscures the view.

One current approach is the following:

A building or other height based object blocking becomes this black translucent state.

The green selection cursor which is tied to mouse movement, could also cause another object to go black if needed. In this way you can clearly see a moused over destination as well as the selected unit.

Sounds, sounds, and more sounds. SFX integration and tweaking continues on this front.

Level development has been slow, but should hopefully be picking up some momentum, as the level editor has received some feature editions.

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  1. Readability is alright if not good. We should really toy around with that idea.