Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Weekly Update

M.I.N.T (Mecha, Infantry, and Tactics)

Work continues on the isometric engine support, with basic support for staggered isometric maps implemented.

Basic tile rendering, map scrolling, mouse picking, and removal of the jagged map edges above is complete. 

Kawe is busy working to get the tiles and buildings in a usable form, and we will soon begin to work on a proper map editor for the game. 

I've also completed the basic map walker functionality which is important as it tells you how to travel from one tile to another based on a given direction. 

The video below shows some of the road tile work, and the map walking functionality at play. 


The first cycle of SFX integration and feedback has been completed, currently awaiting the second round of revisions. 

Gravitum's tiled map editor has received new functionality allowing the shifting of existing map sections, this should ideally help to speed up Gravitum level design.  

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