Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Weekly Update

Welcome to 2013!

A few updates this week:

Lee has zeroed in on an outstanding music track for Gravitum, and is in the process of lengthening and doing finishing touches on it. We hope to be able to share the completed track soon.

A bit more progress on menu pieces of Gravitum have been completed, and we're currently working to create context specific death animations. (We couldn't help ourselves.) Like the one below:

Also in other news the RobotRiot update should be going live within the next 2-3 weeks, more news on that to follow when it launches.

Some technical design has begun on M.I.N.T in regards to areas like multi-player lobbies, clan support, team options, automatic map publishing, map sharing, and so forth.

Finally my tendonitis persists, but I've struck a deal with a frost giant and so far that seems to have worked.

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