Saturday, July 21, 2012

Menus Crushed, now for the Physics Re-Match

Rejoice, for the in-game menu system and backend networking has now been fully completed and is working quite well, even with evil test conditions like disabling your network adaptor in the middle of a network request.

I've now moved onto probably our fifth revision of tweaking the physics model of the game. Its so critical to really nail the "feel" of things, and Kawe was also pointing out to me that I was perhaps going a bit extreme in some of the response times and timing needed. (A fact I attribute to my up-bringing of mostly fighting games, platformers, and arcade shooters, which are inherently reflex and memorization driven, even muscle memory driven in the case of fighters. )

Given the above, and with the addition of more interactive pieces to the level design, like speed boosters, and obstacles that stun or slow you, i've been pretty much redoing most of the physics model.

The real challenge of both the physics and level design in the case of this game, is to create something that is generally quite accessible to most players, yet is extremely difficult to master.  This goes towards our social/MP gameplay where you have catchers and escapers, and the idea of a "Perfect Escape" is something that should require real mastery to obtain.

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