Monday, July 16, 2012

Development Update

I've been working on our next game release, which is a sort of auto running, gravity flipping, turbo boosting, bridge spanning, laser defying, agility and reflex oriented game.

However, it also has some interesting competitive social features allowing you to record your level escapes, and for people to try an catch you during your recorded escape. This is all backed by easily being able to share a URL to watch a person's given escape, attempt to catch them, and likewise share the catch as well.

A few images of the game have come up across the internet in various Retromite interviews like the following one:

Of course with all of the social features comes lots of menu work. Which if there was one thing to ever convince me of quitting game development, it would be menus, and this is what I've been doing for the last week straight. So if anyone needs an out of practice armorer, mercenary, or something, now would be your best chance of stealing me away from the life of indie game development. Just saying.. 

Anyways in an effort to make menus very standardized Kawe whipped up a sort of lego based menu system, which is quite similar to how a lot of MMORPGs build up all of their various menus and gumps. Alas i've been assembling menus ever since. 

Tons of work given this is also tied to networking states and you need to wait for server responses, and also deal with error conditions, but I do think they have turned out quite nicely. 

Ideally this project will be wrapping up in the next two weeks or so finally, and then we can adventure into the insanely awesome world of ISOMETRIC based games. 

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